Welcome to the Global College Scholars Platform!

Are you an ambitious, highly achieved high school graduate? Then we are here for you in your journey into Harvard, Yale, MIT, Columbia, McGill, Brown, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford, Amherst and many of the VERY BEST globally-ranked colleges.

GCSP is a global education platform founded by Ivy League alumni to give students world class preparation for admissions into top global universities, including the Ivy Leagues like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. We fully focus our work on nurturing critical thinking and building a critical mass of sharp young minds and leaders.

Student testimonials

Our applicants achieve among the 90th percentile in both standardized test scores and college admissions success. We have helped place more than 50 students across the Ivy League universities since 2011


We take pleasure in developing the next generation of globally-minded and intellectually-competitive young leader in each student who comes our way.


We believe in matching talented students to world class education. By matriculating our students at elite liberal arts colleges in the US and other top college destinations like Canada and Europe, we aim to create a globally competitive generation of critical thinkers and change makers for Kenya, Africa and the globe. We take our applicants through the highest quality and rigor in critical thinking before they even get admitted and matriculate in college.



Open Day At Sankara

Join our team to learn more about what you need to enrol to your dream ivy league school

  • Feb 6th 2019: 8.00am to 6.00pm
  • Sankara Hotel Westlands