Who We Are

GCSP is a global college application platform founded by Ivy League graduates to give global students a world class preparation for admissions to top global universities, including the Ivy Leagues. We design coaching programs suitable for high achieving students who have undergone national public or international school curriculum, including IGCSE and IB.



We began the journey of supporting bright and talented students way back in 2011, with about four students who were later all admitted into elite US colleges in the northeast with full scholarships. Since then we have steadily supported dozens of students get admissions across all the Ivy League schools and other top schools like MIT and Stanford. Our students have excelled in their test scores, with a median score of 1350 and above, and over 90% admission rate at top universities. Through a rich network of alumni from leading colleges, we have connected our cohorts to job opportunities at Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Nairobi, and numerous other regions globally, enabling them to pursue successful careers.


Our coaches have more than 16 years’ of experience in the college admissions process. Our coaching sessions provide an Ivy League university-like collegiate experience where students push the limits of their thinking and intellectual creativity.